About APEX Wang's Corporation

Funded in 1988, APEX Wang’s Corporation has 2 main divisions:

1.Brand Division: Specialized in manufacturing world best auto accessories. In order to make customers to use our products with confidence and pride, APEX Wang’s Corp. commits to make highest quality products. Up to now, there are agents and distributors in more than 30 countries in the world.

2.OEM Division: APEX Wang’s Corporation is also the OEM factory of Kashimura Co., one of the largest auto accessory companies in Japan. In the past 20 years, APEX Wang’s Corp. has made more than 750 different types of product; most are car parts; car interior items 3C products and mobile phone accessories. Nowadays, we export more than 300,000 pieces to Japan each month.

In 2000, new manufacturing factory was established in Zhuhai, China. Within this new factory, In addition to its own CNC capabilities, we improve our ability of molding, injection-molding, assembling, and laser sculpting. Most important, combining well-trained employees and these precise equipments, we guarantee to provide the best quality to our valuable customers.


1つ事業部は自分のLOGOを使われている車関係のHID、Halogen Bulb、Wiperなどの部品を生産しております。弊社はずっと高品質を求めている、品質が高い実績は使用者によく評価されております。現在まで、世界の30あまりの国で販売されており、多く国に代理商社を育てて長くお互いに協力しております。

もう1つ事業部はOEM加工の工場です。主に日本のカーアクセサリ、携帯アクセサリを販売している大きく日本市場に営業を与えているKashimura Co.カシムラ株式会社の製品を作っております。カシムラにもう20年以上協力して、750アイテムぐらいを生産しました。現在、毎月の出荷量は大体30万個以上を日本に輸出があります。


APEX Wang's成立於1988年,主要分為兩大部門:

1. 品牌部門:為了讓客戶有信心和自豪地使用我們的產品,APEX Wang's承諾生產最高品質的產品,並以製造世界最好的汽車配件為首要目標,至目前為止,APEX Wang's在全球已有30多個國家的代理和經銷商。

2. OEM部門:APEX Wang's也是日本大型汽車配件公司之一的Kashimura Co.的OEM工廠。在過去的20年裡,APEX Wang's已經生產了750多種不同類型的產品,大部分是汽車零件、車室內飾物品、3C產品和手機配件。如今,我們每個月都向日本出口30多萬件。

2000年,APEX Wang's於中國珠海成立了新的製造工廠。工廠除了自身的CNC專業外,我們還提高了模塑,注塑,裝配和激光雕刻的能力。最重要的是,結合訓練有素的員工和這些精密設備,我們保證為我們有價值的客戶提供最好的質量。

Halogen - 5500K Super White Series

Super White Halogen Light, HID Appearance at 5500K, Standard 55W, Plug and Play Installation.

Halogen - 7000K Cosmos Blue White Series

Cosmos Blue White Halogen Light, HID Appearance at 4400K, Standard 27W 12V, Plug and Play Installation.

Halogen - 4400K Diamond White Series

4400K Diamond White Halogen Light, Standard 65W, Plug and Play Installation.

Halogen - 2900K Golden Yellow Series

Golden Yellow Halogen Light, Best Solution for Poor Weather Condition, High Performance 100W 12V, Plug and Play Installation.

LED Daytime Running Lights Series

A Set of Two Bulbs, 6500K Brilliant White Color, Over 3600 Lumens Per Bulb, Unique Heat-Sink White Color Painting, Dual Stages Design. Runs Half Power for Daytime Running Light (DRL).

BMW LED Angel Eye Series

Angel Eye Bulb utilizes a full-bodied aluminum heat sink and true 26W ultra high-performance CREE LED chips that are not overdriven as seen with other competitors' offering.

LED Fog Light Series

A Set of Two Bulbs, 6000K Brilliant White Color, Over 3100 Lumens Per Bulb, Unique Heat-Sink White Color Painting.

LED Mini Bulbs Series

Made in Japan, 7000K Super White Color, Super Bright 255 Lumen CREE LED Chips, Canbus Error Free. No OBC Error. Fit on European Vehicles, Metal body with better heat sink.

LED License Plate Series

Direct Swap, No Wire Cutting, No Radio Interference, No Modification Needed, No Computer Error Message, 100% Reversible.

Miniature Bulbs Series

Double as brilliant as the ordinary bulbs, Natural color glass instead of cheap painting glass, Various models are available to meet customer's needs.

Voltage Stabilizer Series

Voltage Stbilizer / Gas Saver is the cheapest way to save gas and increase horsepower of your vehicles.


Hybrid Wiper Blade is a hybrid frame which was originally designed for a Japanese vehicle. Its aerodynamic shape ensures enhanced contact with the windshield in high speed.

TAIPEI AMPA Exhibition 2018

We will join Taipei AMPA at April 11~14 2018.

We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at the Taipei AMPA show from 11~14th Apr as the Taipei Nangang exhibition center, hall 1 coming 2018, it would be great pleasure to meet you at exhibition...more

MTEC and MARUTA brand

New generation of enterprise identification published

Since 1988, APEX has established "MTEC", an automotive spare parts brand, and has cultivated the market for many years, gaining praise and appreciation from countless distributors and consumers...more

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