Halogen Golden Yellow

HALOGEN - 2900K Golden Yellow Series

Golden Yellow Halogen Light, Best Solution for Poor Weather Condition, High Performance 100W 12V, Plug and Play Installation.


  1. The Best Choice for Poor Weather Condition
  2. 2900K Golden Yellow Color.
  3. Excellent for rainy or snowy weather condition.
  4. No extra wire is needed upon unit replacement.
  5. Specialized for racing.
  6. Extra long life span.
  7. 100% suitable for car inspection.
Part Numbers Bulbs Types Wattage Consumed Wattage Produced
MT-419 2X H1 55W 100W
MT-420 2X H3 55W 100W
MT-422 2X H4 60 / 55W 130 / 100W
MT-423 2X H7 55W 100W
MT-424 2X 9004 65 / 45W 130 / 100W
MT-425 2X 9005 65W 130W
MT-426 2X 9006 55W 100W
MT-427 2X 9007 65 / 55W 130 / 100W
MT-491 2X H8 35W 65W
MT-492 2X H9 65W 130W
MT-493 2X H10 42W 85W
MT-494 2X H11 55W 100W
MT-495 2X H12 53W 100W
MT-496 2X H13 60 / 55W 130 / 100W
MT-428 4X H1 100W 150W
MT-429 4X H3 100W 150W
MT-431 4X H4 100 / 90W 170 / 160W
MT-432 4X H7 100W 150W
MT-433 4X 9004 100 / 80W 170 / 150W
MT-434 4X 9005 100W 150W
MT-435 4X 9006 80W 150W
MT-436 4X 9007 100 / 80W 150W

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