LED Fog Light

LED Fog Light Series

A Set of Two Bulbs, 6000K Brilliant White Color, Over 3100 Lumens Per Bulb, Unique Heat-Sink White Color Painting.


  1. MARUTA LED Fog Light Bulbs utilize a full-bodied aluminum heat sink and ultra high performance LED chips that are not overdriven as seen on other brands. This allows for efficient cooling and maximum LED output over an extended period of time without overheating, dimming or pre-mature failure.
  2. Direct swap.
  3. No wire cutting.
  4. No modification needed.
  5. No computer error message.
  6. Available in H8 / H9 / H11 and 9006.
  7. H8 / H9 / H11 kit emits 3100+ Lumen per bulb with total of 6200+ Lumen per kit.
  8. 9006 kit emits 2800+ Lumen per bulb with total of 5600+ Lumen per kit.
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