LED Fog Light

LED Mini Bulbs Series

Made in Japan, 7000K Super White Color, Super Bright 255 Lumen CREE LED Chips, Canbus Error Free. No OBC Error. Fit on European Vehicles, Metal body with better heat sink.


  1. 7000K Super White Color.
  2. Genuine CREE 2W High Power LED Chips.
  3. Super Bright Light Output.
  4. Longer Bulb Life.
  5. Lower Power Consumption.
  6. Withstand Shocks / Virbation.
  7. Built-in Load Resistors. Canbus Error Free. Fit Most European Vehicles.
  8. Cross Referrence Part Number: W5W, 158, 161, 168, 194, 921, & 2825.
  9. 2 Bulbs / Set.
  10. Part Numbers Bulbs Types Info
    MT-276 Cree LED 12 LED
    MT276 Cree LED 18 LED
    MT-276 Cree LED 24 LED
    MT276 Cree LED 48 LED
    MT-274 T10 Sliver LED  
    MT-273   3 Chip
    MT-273   6 Chip
    MT-273 T10 x 37mm Canbus  
    MT-275 T10 Cree LED  
    MT-277 S25  
    MT-277 T20  

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