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Silicon Dashboard Carpet

Silicon Dashboard Carpet

~~Soak up the sunshine, Build up your life style~~

Model: MT-DC101

● Antimicrobial treatment - Top and bottom layer treated with anti-bacterial solution.
● Soft touch - Soft and comfortable, one-piece without edging, does not apply friction.
● Light, easy to handle - Lightweight and easy to carry, home, inside/outside use.
● High-temperature sterilization - Sundried, 100 ℃ cleaned and disinfected, 88 ℃ drying sterilization, kill dust mites, remove allergens.
● Great water absorbent - Special fiber on the surface, strong water absorbent, wet solution never surface back.
● Absolutely waterproof - Silicone waterproof layer prevent water from penetrating and protect the mattress.
● Easy to wash - Hand wash, wring, machine wash, wash, clean and preserve.
● Quick drying - Washing machine dehydration, drying 80% moisture shorten time required for drying.

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