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Halogen - 4750K Cosmos Blue White Series

4750K Cosmos Blue

~~The Closest to the Real HID Color~~

● The bright 4750K bluish white light achieved extremely high efficiency.
● No extra wire is needed upon unit replacement.
● Specialized for racing.
● Extra long life span.
● 100% suitable for car inspection.


Part Numbers Bulbs Types Wattage Consumed Wattage Produced
MT-401 2X H1 55W 100W
MT-402 2X H3 55W 100W
MT-404 2X H4 60 / 55W 130 / 100W
MT-405 2X H7 55W 100W
MT-406 2X 9004 65 / 45W 130 / 100W
MT-407 2X 9005 65W 130W
MT-408 2X 9006 55W 100W
MT-409 2X 9007 65 / 55W 130 / 100W
MT-471 2X H8 35W 65W
MT-472 2X H9 65W 130W
MT-473 2X H10 42W 85W
MT-474 2X H10 42W 85W
MT-475 2X H12 53W 100W
MT-476 2X H13 60 / 55W 130 / 100W
MT-410 4X H1 100W 150W
MT-411 4X H3 100W 150W
MT-413 4X H4 100 / 90W 170 / 160W
MT-414 4X H4 100W 150W
MT-415 4X 9004 100 / 80W 170 / 150W
MT-416 4X 9005 100W 150W
MT-417 4X 9006 80W 150W
MT-418 4X 9007 100 / 80W 170 / 160W

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