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Miniature Bulbs Series

Miniature Bulbs

~~Miniature Bulbs Bulbs~~

● Double as brilliant as the ordinary bulbs.
● Natural color glass instead of cheap painting glass.
● Various models are available to meet customer's needs.

Part Numbers Bulbs Types Wattage Consumed
MT-222 T10*31 (3175) 10W
MT-223 T10 (194) 5W
MT-225 S25 (1157) 21 / 5W
MT-226 T20 (7440) 21W
MT-227 S25 (1156) 21W
MT-248 G18 (67) 10W
MT-290 T10*44 (211-2) 12W
MT-427 2X 9007 65 / 55W
MT-291 T15 (921) 18W
MT-295A S25 (1157) Sliver 21 / 5W
MT-295A S25 (1156) Sliver 21 / 5W

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